Illusionist Locket

Hey everyone i was wondering if anyone had plans or could do an instructable on how to make the locket found on the Illusionist.

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Cluelessguy5 years ago
I've found an interesting website actually selling those, and perfectly made with 2 pictures inside it. They don't give the plans away but they give the measurements and the number of different parts assembled (29)
I wonder how you guys didn't find the website, it comes up second on google by tiping "illusionist heart locket".
Here's the website:
and for the measurements and others simply go to the FAQ section :)
Hi! i made an instructable about it, here's the link
olocket7 years ago

I made one.Just like the one in the film .But not perfect. 
aksig88 years ago
it is it is:
Cross_8 years ago
It's not physically possible to build the locket exactly as depicted in the movie- the photo would get torn. I built a replica of the locket using 4 layers of thin wood and slightly harder wood for the pins. Unfortunately it did not last very long since the dimensions require the pin to be quite small, some clumsiness is all it takes to break it in half at which point it can not be easily repaired. My recommendation: use metal instead of wood.
Chard9 years ago
i watched the movie and liked the idea but it is fairly complicated, ive seen many people calling it more like watch making than jewelry or woodcraft. the youtube video linked above is fascinating but unrealistically complicated for the likes of me. of course in the movie 2 models were made to avoid the complicated mechanics, one rotated from capsule to heart shape and an entirely different heart shaped locket has the sliding lid mechanism. if i ever decide to take the plunge i will crate a full detailed instructable but im not sure this will happen any time soon :P
Goodhart10 years ago
Goodhart10 years ago