I'm 13 any ideas for an internship?

I'm 13 any internships in Raleigh North Carolina ? I'm very interested in engering, technology, and things of that nature.

Use your computer to learn more about technology, you can learn and earn if you start a blog, make your own internship at home, that's what I did.
Join the richgirl club and learn some really cool stuff.
Hippymike96 (author)  lisajacksson2 years ago
quatch2 years ago
You'll be wanting highschool.

Try looking for clubs or maker groups rather than a job?
canucksgirl2 years ago
You may be a bit too young for that, but you could visit the TechShop in Raleigh and network with other people... you may find some leads that way (or at least you can have fun there, take classes etc.)