I'm Bored

I'm really bored and stuck at work with nobody around and nothing to do. Somebody entertain me

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Archbob9 years ago
Goodhart10 years ago
Hey, right now I could do with some boredom....I have just gotten off the phone with the wife and she is reaming me out for not handing over my entire paycheck to her, so she can spend it in 3 days, and so we have to squeak through the next 2 weeks until I am payed again. I would gladly welcome some boredom. Want to switch places ? :-|
Aahhhh. Does she have a home shopping channel addiction, or a catalogue addiction?? My grandma has over three grand in credit card pileups from those people. And what does she get? A fancy ornament that looks like an outhouse that she can put in her outhouse themed bathroom.
she is possessed by the devil called eBay. But her exorcism is nearly complete ;-)
Scary. I'm slightly addicted myself. Not that much. I go on thinkgeek. But recently I've been noticing that the products i've been getting aren't so satisfactory. The caffeinated chapstick, coldheat, t-shirt... they just don't stand up to my specifications. T-shirts designs wear out after only a few washes. OOPS... kinda went off on a tangent there.
Punkguyta10 years ago
Here's an idea, work?
Bran Punkguyta10 years ago
Work?! Geez, what do you think we are, human?
Punkguyta Bran10 years ago
I work, how about you?
Bran Punkguyta10 years ago
I'm 13.
Doctor What Bran10 years ago
Lawn mowing, Dog Bombing, Paper Route, Babysit, you can do stuff like that. Why not??
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