I'm Drugged.....Again

Well im drugged again!

No i don't take drugs (eventhough my nickname at school is druggi), its just that my computer has been broken for about a week now, so i kept going to the libary...well i had to!!!
How can anyone survive with out internet?

The point is now that it is fixed again, i logged on to my instructables acount to check whats been going on since i was absent and guess what....


Ive been on it none stop checking new instructables, new forums, the comunity.

Proven: instructables= Class A Dope.

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hahaha druggi... I have so many weird/strange/odd nicknames... I've been called Bean and Beaner since I was a baby. (17 yrs ago) as well as Squid... which my brother nicknamed me. My friend thought my name was "Brinna" for 3 years before I corrected her on it being "Briana" that was really funny....
don't forget banana and Anna by me! LOL
yeh, but u can call me Anna all u want- I will not answer to it. Lol A bunch of my friends call me Banana
why do they call you squid?
They dont, Chris does. (my brother oldest- he's 25) Just randomly one day, when I was like 8, he called me Squid. no reason, that I know of. Lol
Baron A (author)  White_Feathers10 years ago
Has this drugged topic mysteriously transformed in to a nickname one...?lol
hahaha... well I just said one thing, then Metal4God came along.... Lol
Baron A (author)  White_Feathers10 years ago
Baron A (author)  White_Feathers10 years ago
Yeh nicknames are cool especially if you like it. But if its mean then that's terrible.
killerk210 years ago
druggi in school,y
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