I'm Pleased to Introduce:

My good friend Acidbass has finally joined instructables! So yay, I actually know someone on here for real! Haha, so, 'nyways, Acidbass is funny, suave, cool, my better in many fields, and all around a great guy :)
So if ya'll would be willing to introduce yourselves...

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=SMART=8 years ago
you play sax?:)
Yeah, tenor, do you?
soprano (or whatever one you have on your avatar
It's a tenor...

How long you been playing for?
3 years but yeah i play soprano for my church band
i play the organ for my church... churching?
what kind of organ????? ( i play electric bass guitar too)
KentsOkay (author)  acidbass8 years ago
ZOMG!! You, me and Matt, make a rock group....
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