I'm Really Impressed...

As a result of the contest - there's undoubtedly been an explosion of knit-related content....

I myself will buying some yarn and needles and Teaching Myself (thanks Rachel) to make myself this Awesome Neck Warmer as it can be a bit chilly while riding to and from school and such :) It seems much more suitable for use in Central *cough* Florida *cough* - I just hate being cold while riding and my longish 'necular' region is typically not protected very well...

So that said - well done on all the new stuff :)


Thoughts?, anyone else....

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Kiteman9 years ago
Despite the attitudes shown by a certain poster in this thread, knitting used to be dominated by men - the first professional knitters were all male.

Kitewife knits prolifically, but does not normally create her own patterns. She has taught several people to knit, but utterly failed to teach me (everything I knit just gets wider and wider - stitches appear from nowhere). #1 son can knit, but chooses not to (penknives and Lego are more appealing to him), and #2 son enjoys knitting, though has only produced very small scarves for teddies so far.
Goodhart9 years ago
Whew.....sorry, let me catch my breath a moment.

For some reason....I guess I am tired....I thought your topic said: "I am really DEPRESSED" and that didn't sound like you....I am glad I was mistaken.

It is a calming skill to work with.....it gets you to slow down, take your time, takes your mind off of other worries, and at the end you have something great and useful.

I have only ever crocheted, but one of these days I want to fool around a little with knitting too.

whats crocheted ? and as a male do i need to know ? ill stick to nuts and bolts as imasculation is not on my wish list. LMAO good hart
Careful ! Are you saying Rosie Greer, the famous football player and also Lyle Alzado were not men? They both Crocheted. So did James Buchanan, our 15th President, (1791-1868, served 1857-1861). It isn't what you do that determines whether you are a man or not, it is whether you are comfortable enough with yourself to be a man, no matter what you do.
ok i can nit but thats private dont tell eny one! i think we should specilize i our talents due to our sexes to empower our selves and our sex! i would not say im better than a woman but im better at my nateral abilitys than a woman just as a woman would make me a fool when takeing on her natral abilitys! could you imadgine giving birth oooWWWW lol
That is the only one that is completely gender specific, baring children. The rest is environment and training.
awww...... kinda reminds me of my first forum posts on instructables. Troll
I am a mans man, I am old fashioned as hell and I feel that the men of today have seriously lost touch with the things that make men, men. your comment is one of the dumbest most nieve comments so far on my time on the internet. Knowing how to do things, short of preforming felatio on a man is never imasculating. I can fix a car sure.... but I can also sew up my coveralls when they tear.
I need to now thank you. you gave me a great idea to enter in this contest. I have been searching for a DIY way to organize my wrenches in a divided roll up pouch. I'm gonna try and learn to knit and see if i can't knit a wrench divider pouch.
if you ever get the felatio tec worked out i would be most happy as my lovely littel woman is a littel ignorant on such subjects but i am shore an expert like your self could help us all. for the benifit of mankind of course! and a expert like you should do his best to educate us all on the science and art on such a specialty subject :)
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