Im Really sad.

i got a hair cut, it looks nice, but i miss my fro, all warm, now when i go out side, i have to wear a hat. i hate it.

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KentsOkay9 years ago
I'd so have a fro if it weren't for the awesome mop I have already...
Yeah, I had a mega-mop when I was your age. I miss it :-(
Hehehe.... *headbangs with hair flopping for little or no reason*
Rock on! *headbangs with not enough hair to make it worthwhile* -*spends next 20 minutes recovering from motion sickness*
I've been getting the same haircut for years, "trim, layer, 3/4 up the ear and taper the back, NOTHING FANCY!" and occasionally they still screw it up. One time the stylist decided to "thin" my hair and left me looking like I had alopecia. It's hair, it'll grow back,probably.
Hoo-ah! Go to a regular Barber Shop, with old guys doing the cutting and old guys sitting around jackin' their jaws. Tell 'em you want an "army reservist" cut and you'll get just the right thing every time. That's what I've been getting for 20+ years (I leave it a bit long on top just 'cause the wife doesn't want me looking too weird :-). I learned to like it in the Reserves, and it's stuck with me ever sinse.
My Grandfather retired (CSM) from the reserves. He always went with the short-but-dignified cut, when he could get to a real barber. Now that he's been reduced to a hairdresser (he doesn't get around well), he wears it like Einstein!
Heh! I only made SSG (and didn't stay in long enough to properly retire). The senior NCOs usually had far more conservative cuts than I did (and certainly more than I do now!).
No thanks, the army sucked, they kept telling me what to do.
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