I'm back! (Read if you care about me...or have heard of me) (UPDATED)

Hi guys! I am most ashamed. 2008 is practically over already, and I have come to the startling conclusion that, I didn't make anything this year!!! Instructables-wise at least. A whole year went by and I didn't publish a single instructable. School has been tough this year, tons of homework, projects and such.

But don't worry! This year will be different! I vow to publish more instructables this year! It's been a year since I got here, and its about time I did my share! I promise you! New instructables! Better quality ones! More useful! Im baaack!

Nothing can express my feeling more than this:

Don't call it a comeback!
I've been here for years!
Rocking my peers,
and putting suckers in fear!
Making the tears
rain down like a
listen to the base go

UPDATE: I made a new ible: How to choose a good password: A few quick tips to staying safe

*I'll fix the title later.

It;s just a couple of tips on.....well...how to choose a good password.

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Kiteman9 years ago
You're back!

You left?

Who are we talking about?
what about his front....right ?
We really need a "rolls eyes in pun-induced pain" emoticon.
How about one of these?
I like...
>looks in back pocket...<
Keith-Kid (author)  caitlinsdad9 years ago


Keith-Kid (author)  caitlinsdad9 years ago

*Spleen bursts from laughter*

OK, last one...
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