I'm gonna make a pastel (pastelle?)

A pastel is a very sought after caribbean dish. Many people crave it because of its rarity, for you see, you need caribbean ingradients and caribbean know-how Those who can make these, can really impress their friends. I'm gonna make a pastel (pastelle??) instructable soon. I just wanted to ask, has anyone very eaten one? did you like it? Do you know stuff about it?

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dpedaci9 years ago
oh pasteles. I had them, oh, many years ago at my sister's preschool potluck, there were some Puerto Rican families. This was probably 25 years ago, and I remember how good they were. I had some at a fair a few years ago, not nearly as good, very soggy tasting.
I'm assuming you don't live anywhere near orlando, every corner market sells Cuban, Puerto Rican and Caribbean food. No I didn't like it, No Papas Rellanos are Awesome. Yummy potato balls.
Keith-Kid (author)  Tool Using Animal9 years ago
I live in Puerto Rico.
Oh well come to Orlando, we have great Puerto Rican food. ;-)
Keith-Kid (author)  Tool Using Animal9 years ago
Haha, I went there, and its true. We expected to talk a lot of english, yet every single restaurant and most stores had a puertorican. It wasn't much of a trip for me, since I expected to finally put my english to the test, yet it felt like I had just taken a long drive on Puerto Rico.

Since it was a trip out of the country, we stayed on a stric Hamburger and Pizza diet. The United State's (un)official Diet.
Oh, And I guess Disney World was fun too.....I guess.....meh...(It was the most awesomerific explosiontastic Asmafantastical mythical magical unfathomable experience of my entire short little life!!!!)
Does it really count as a trip "out of the country"? Wikipedia says Puerto Rico is a "independently governed" territory of the US, though I can't quite figure out what that means. In any case, your English is quite good, and Caribbean recipes are welcome. I like Jerk occasionally, but I don't think it likes me anymore :-(
Goodhart westfw9 years ago
As far as commerce is concerned....

United States Code 15 Commerce and Trading:
267. ``State defined
As used in this Act, the term ``State includes the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or any possession of the United States.
Goodhart9 years ago
Well I assume you do not mean pastel

but maybe you refer to Pasteles ?
Keith-Kid (author)  Goodhart9 years ago