I'm looking forward to Kelseymh's next Instructable...

"How to Make a Universe"

I'm making space in my shed this very weekend...

Picture of I'm looking forward to Kelseymh's next Instructable...
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kelseymh6 years ago
Kiteman, if you're already making space, then you've beaten me to it. Hopefully you don't end up with an inflationary epoch....
Kiteman (author)  kelseymh6 years ago
I'm just not sure I've got enough copper for the electromagnets, and the local photo-developers did a double-take when I told them how many old camera flashes I might need to get enough capacitors...
not to the subject i have an idea about time travel well i think lighning bolts time travel because you need 1.21 gigawatts and be moving at the speed of light your telling me it just disseapers in to metal? how about ''When this thing hits 670,616,629 mph your gonna see some serious stuff"' or ''Where the heck are they. ''The correct question is when are they''
Kiteman (author)  Doctor Freeman6 years ago
Please don't tell me you are using a 1980s teen movie as a scientific text...

no i saw somewhere that you would need that to travel in time but where (.......)
was it on discovery for the light speed part?) oh and im not reffering to bttf (sorta)
Actually, you were. And "I saw somewhere" is an amazingly useful citation. Almost as good as your "girlfriend's brother's cousin's best friend had it happen to them once, and they died!"
yes i was but look at this: Einstein believed that all you needed was something that would go at the speed of light, and wormholes
ps i never said girlfriend's brother's cousin's best friend had it happen to them once, and they died
and ur starting to get offencive
How do you know what Einstein believed? I would be most appreciative if you could provide actual information (title of a book, publication reference, whatever) for what you think Einstein believed about whatever it is you're talking about (time travel, I think, but I can't tell from anything you've written).
Ah, you mean this book? That's an excellent starting point. Do you have the reprint, or did someone give you an original edition?

Where in there does he talk about or mention wormholes, or time travel? I'm very interested, because so far as the published literature is concerned, Einstein never mentioned either of those features of his theory.

The first wormhole solution to the field equations was found by Hermann Weyl in 1921 (though he didn't call it a "wormhole"; Wheeler coined that name in the 1950s). Closed timelike curves as valid solutions to GR were first found by Kurt Godel in 1949.
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