Im not leaving.

Just a quick update. im not leaving instructables. ill be moving towards the airsoft area of this site.

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pinderfish5 years ago
keep your name the same, as if you change it loads of people will be confused
+1. Something similar would happen if I decided to change my ibles name to my KI name lol.
what is it i have one
My KI name is RPD. What about your KI name?
i rarely use it and i messed up with it so its the same here but im inactive on it and i will be making a new one soon so when i do get around to making a new one ill pm you my name
Sounds good. =)
I just noticed you post says -422 minutes ago XD.
say what that means 422 minutes in the future
I know right? How are your posts doing that?
idk but thats wierd
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