I'm still here but Ive been busy

Hey guys I'm still here, I'm sorry Ive been super busy (college is coming up so =\  I gotta visit places, keep good grades, and all that stuff)

Well wow I have time on my hands for once, I have a couple of days off from work, mid terms in school are done and the studying is over (THANK YOU!!!)

anyways whats up everyone? I have no idea whats new in the knex world of instructables really...

well umm what about me what have I been up to (other then what Ive said above?) ehh not much work, school, study, the average. however I got a new laptop hooray no more crappy weak one, no more 15 inch screens now 17 haha!. Also Windows 7 is beautiful! however one blessing that is also a curse for a retro PC gamer like me. It's 64 bit.
64 bit computers are out 16 bit programs are basically incompatible and remember that Knex wars game? Well after a while I forgot about it, and with 64 bit, I cant work on the Doom engine, or Wolfenstein.  and N64... forget it please... Is there still a want for such a thing?
Well even if there isn't I'm still gonna work on it, since my Programing teacher said I can do anything for my final, I guess a game would work.
Now for something interesting Thank you DSman(insert numbers here) - for introducing me to Game maker. Ive gotten pretty good at it, granted not the best out there but good enough to successfully clone Wolfenstein 3D though I'm not a great AI person unless its gird biased as for multi player well I don't understand all this tutorials telling me so but hey I'm trying

anyways so you be the judge on how good I may be, bellow is a picture of a game I started working on a while ago but only worked on it for like 4 days before my visit to NYU, then didnt have time to work on it since, but I think I'll put this game on hold. unless you guys want this insted

Picture of I'm still here but Ive been busy
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dsman1952767 years ago
 Lol, I never knew that would be such a big deal for you. I'm happy I could help

Just a few things that you might want to know, 16-bit programs are not 100% not able to run on 64-bit windows, you just need to use a few programs to get them to work. You could try loading DOSBOX or a program like it, and running win3.1 inside of DOSBOX for true 16-bit program running.(lol, not really sure it's worth it. I do actually have win3.1 running in DOSBOX though).
Sypran (author)  dsman1952767 years ago
yeah that is why I said basically, and tbh I dislike dos box, only cause when I go to full screen all the colours are messed up, some programs are incompatible with dosbox however. Probably cause of me not mounting absolutely everything and not realizing it's looking for it..(windows 3.1/ or even 95)
To stop the color problem, you can disable windows aero colors, when you run dosbox. I never had a problem with the colors if I start in a window and then go to full screen.
Sypran (author)  dsman1952767 years ago
kk (switches to Windows Classic theme,) wow this looks dif (runs DosBox, and mounts Wolf3D goes to full screen) still Rainbow coloured doors and other slight things, is it enough to just switch to a dif theme? or how would i disable em.
My computer switches me to vista basic theme when ever I run DOSBOX. You can switch to this theme by right clicking on the desktop, going to personalize>window color and appearance>open classic appearance properties>Windows vista basic.
Sypran (author)  dsman1952767 years ago
I think It may be a problem with Windows7 because I did what you said (the equivalent at least in 7) and still some odd colours, not that I mind windowed mode, I just lower my screen resolution and it is close enough to full screen. 
Mr. Muggle7 years ago
I've never known you, I became active on instructables around august 2009, Is it possible you became inactive before august?
Sypran (author)  Mr. Muggle7 years ago
well probably Ive been gone for a while like only using instructables to reply to comments, or look up a solution to something
mm, welcome back I guess then :-)
TheDunkis7 years ago
Sup, man. I've lost all patience towards making video games. I'm going to need to join a class next year in order to give me any form of determination. I just hope they have a class. I actually recently informed one of the tech teachers of the Game Maker program because she said they were talking about having an introduction to video game making course. Well good luck with that.
I don't know if there were really any astounding creations that came out since your last visit. I've had a couple of ideas that you may have been interested in but they've all been too complicated for me to build.
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