I'm stumped

Hey everyone, I can't take it anymore! At my workplace, I work in the shipping/receiving department...all kinds of new and strange packing materials come in. We generally are able to re-use things like the bubblewrap and boxes, but there are some things I just don't know what do do with, and I feel horrible throwing them away..Maybe you guys can help? We get ALOT of foam, all shapes, sizes, and textures, and I have no idea how to reuse it...then we also have these long rectangular tubes that hold electronic chips in them, however when they get to us, we take them out and put them in bags, so we no longer need the thin tubing, do you guys have any ideas? I've attatched photos. Thanks! Lita L.

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110100101109 years ago
isolation for hot water storage (good for solar projects) silencer for air conditioner ducts / computer bathroom carpet parts in furniture from recyled stuff (not fire dangerous when used in really small amounts) can be wrapped with foil to make it fire safe
LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
Use the foam to insulate your garage or shed. Thats what I did
I'd have second thoughts about that since it is not fire rated flame-retardant foam for building insulation. There was that tragic nightclub fire in Rhode Island because they used regular foam for acoustic tiles on the stage and the pyrotechnics in the show set it ablaze trapping the people inside. And a garage or shed is the likely place you will store your flammable liquids and such.
Hmmm, good point. My shed already had foam walls I just added the ceiling (only got 1/2 of it so far :P). When you hold a lighter to the original stuff it just melts (takes awhile to catch) and my panels are the same. I suppose you wouldn't want to risk a garage since most of them are attached to the house unlike the shed that would burn and be done.
if you divide it to pieces and coat with something unflammable that does not come off easily (in high temperature) it should be safe then for example wrap each block with metallic foil before installation use inside flame resistant ducts that cannot catch fire inside use outdoors - there is lots of flammable stuff there anyway and vapors of burning plastic dont concentrate to the amount that can kill
I used it in the dog house (( if the dog starts smoking and burns his house down well thats his problem ))
Ack! what if his TV shorts out? You could end up with one oversized Hot Dog ! LOL
his TV, wait a minute I live in the garage not the dog house....
I meant the Dog's tv (remember Snoopy? Or Marmaduke? )
I do, but I'm always in the "dog house" <> so I like to joke about it
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