I'm torn - I oppose pro, but I want to support the site.

1) I'm quite opposed to two significant changes introduced with the "pro" account (see https://www.instructables.com/community/Pro-Instructables-Accounts/ for my perspective)

2) I want to support the site and the people behind it

While the above two aren't necessarily orthogonal to each other, I have to recognize that this is a business, and they are making this change purely for business reasons.

Therefore I know that if I choose to go 'pro' that may lessen the impact of my argument because, as a business, they have to recognize that even their detractors are still paying up. They may choose, for purposes of profit and revenue, to leave the major problems unchanged because it's working.

Note that I don't actually use the site enough to make the cost worth it - I'd be paying for it merely because I want to support the site and keep it going (preferably in the right direction).

What are your thoughts on this issue?


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juanvi8 years ago
so, why dont they put a donation link instead of making people pay to see what they could se before without paying?
Because they're not a non profit company ;)
Then why do you need to pay for pro?
Not that I'm saying I'm against pro
Because if you are "giving" money - you need to get a product or service ;)
Unless if I misunderstand you, if you are giving money, then you are donating. If you are paying money, then your need a product or service.
You got it.... Hence giving in quotations in my earlier post ;) Some people are taking the angle that they'd rather donate... I say to them, pretend it is a donation :p Yes, you are paying for a product/service No, you can't just give a donation to a for profit company (this isn't a sustainable business model and likely not supported by instructables' investors) I pay, because I want to support the community, company and core service :)
You can still write instructables to help support the site.
DAK33338 years ago
I should have known... A site that withdrew my anonymity for the sake of a simple PDF would eventually want more. I have read much of what Stienman (Adam) has said and concur. After this first and last post I will submit an unsubscribe response to the newsletter.
Redneck28 years ago
I can definatly understand the pro accounts but taking away secondary images? Most Instructables on this site will be useless to non pro members unless you pull out your magnafiying glass.
gmjhowe8 years ago
I would suggest signing up for the pro account, that way your donating money. Plus side is, you have a few extras. Personally, I am not signed up for the features, i signed up to give something back, simple as, im not the only one either, quite a few people are going pro just to give money.
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