Image Does Not Show in Guide

I created and published this quick guide:

When I view it, I do not see the image I uploaded (an illustration of the word "bed" with a mattress drawn on it). When I try to edit the guide, I see that the image is attached. Please see the screenshot of the edit screen with this message. I did upload the image and it shows as attached to this instructable. The image is a jpg and I did not receive any errors when uploading the image. Am I missing something?  How do I get the image to show up on my guide?

(I previously posted this in an established thread with a similar question in the faq section, but I have not received an answer there).

Picture of Image Does Not Show in Guide
I just made my first guide and was having the same issue too! I noticed that if I looked at the guide in the unpublished area of my account that the picture showed up so that may help if you do make a guide in the future. I was just thrown off because when you post a step-by-step you get a full preview but viewing your full guide doesn't work like that.
mikeasaurus5 years ago
Guides only display the picture you uploaded as a thumbnail on the 'recent' feed, and not when viewed on the guide itself.

Guides are used to collect projects on Instructables under a common theme, not 'guide' you to "avoid confusion between b and d". For you project you would want to use a Photo or Step-by-Step Instructable, then your uploaded image would appear as the thumbnail image and the main intro image.
Anianna (author)  mikeasaurus5 years ago
Thank you. I did not realize that when I made this. Is there a way to change it to a photo instructable or do I need to post a new photo instructable and then delete the guide?
There's no way to change an Instructable type, you need to post a new Photo Instructable and then delete the Guide.