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I can't get the image notes to work! Can someone help me???

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Hello Kitty (author) 9 years ago
I DID ask you for help! You said you were too busy!
(and, I WAS using IE!)

So. Frustrating.
That sometimes happens to me too. Sometimes I have to actually be in the EDIT mode to use it. But I have found this site more suited for FireFox then for IE, but IE still works :-)

Do you think you Popup blocker or some other IE setting might be interfering?
Hello Kitty (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
Yea, I tried it in edit mode, but I don't think that the popup blocker is the problem, because when it blocks a popup it gives me a little note thingie at the top of the screen when it blocks a popup. I don't know about any other settings that would interfere. :-/ I'll try it in FireFox, though. Thanks.
Let me know, how it goes :-) maybe we can brain storm a solution :-)
Hello Kitty (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
YAY! It worked on FireFox! Hooray! Thanks, Goodhart!
You're welcome :-) Instructables has a few issues with MSIE....or is that the other way around? :-) Glad I could help
Yeah, well, I didn't hear you! I'm sorry! Next time, ASK LOUDER! :D
You can't do them right away, right after you've uploaded them. You have to preview the instructable, click and drag to form a box on the picture.
Hello Kitty (author)  jessyratfink9 years ago
I know, I tried waiting a couple of days and previewing the Instructable, but even now it still won't work. :(
Hmmm, I don't know then. Is it actually giving you an error message or just not working? You might want to try a different browser. Sometimes that helps me.
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