Image + Opera bug

When visiting a Instructable, (Ex. below), the images at the bottom won't change when clicking on them using Opera 9.50. It happens with any instructable, not just the one below.

Picture of Image + Opera bug
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iffee9 years ago
I have installed opera 9.52 and experiencing same problem. Suspect problem is with
rachel9 years ago
SeanK, I know this is frustrating for you, but Opera users are such a very small percentage of our user base that it is not worth our time to ensure the site works entirely correctly under Opera. We generally recommend Firefox for best results using the site. This particular issue almost certainly has to do with Opera's javascript engine, as those alternate images are shown using javascript to replace the original image. With luck the next release of Opera will fix this.
Being a web developer myself - I think that it would be better if you developed for Opera first as it's the browser that follows all the standards the most.

If it works in Opera, 98% works in FF with of course IE (especially v6) needing more tweaks. But in general you rarely need any browser sensing at all - though you obviously need to approach same problem with different solutions.

If you are interested in a solution that works cross-browser you might want to look into that I developed recently. Uses similar image switching.
emag rachel9 years ago
Curious, as on another thread while I was googling for a solution, another user said that setting Opera's site preferences to "mask as Firefox" works. So, trying it, it sure does work. 99% of the time, this means that sites are using broken browser sniffing.
rachel9 years ago
After some investigation, I believe this issue may not be an Opera problem at all, it may be the one reported in this bug:

That issue is scheduled to be fixed in the next release, in another week or two, and I will post on that bug when it is.
SeanK9 years ago
I have reported this as a bug to the Opera developers
L815 (author)  SeanK9 years ago
Thanks, I think it has been fixed with release of 9.51
ve2vfd L8159 years ago
Nope, I run Opera 9.51 now and I only get the thumbmails, I have to hit reload on every instructable page for the images to show up. It's annoying, but not enough to use IE! (yuk!)
SeanK9 years ago
Hello, I'm currently using Opera v9.51 for Windows, and it still does not work for me. I have also experienced similar issues with other websites.
ll.13 SeanK9 years ago
It's the same for me with Firefox and Opera. =)

-but I think you'll find the images that won't show are already showing in another step.
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