Important Info regarding Maker Faire UK, for all those whom might wish to go.

Hi all, Well since the original topic regarding the maker faire i have been trying to work a few things out. Ive been in contact with Graham from o'reilly. He seemed very happy that some of us wanted to get involved. And also commented on the instructables table at the maker faire austin. Now, me and hannah are seriously thinking about attending, and im asking you guys if you wish to do so also. Graham asked me to fill out a form (added as a picture here). So, these are the questions you need to answer. 1. Are you seriously thinking about attending the Faire? 2. Would you be prepared to bring some of your items/ projects to show off? 3. Would you like to be involved with the running of a 'instructables table' 4. If there are only a small amount of us (say 4-10) we could actually find a hotel for us all to stay in? Would people wish that, or just want to make there own arrangements? Obviously, the sooner we sort things out, the better, some of us will have to book holidays off work etc. So you need to make a commitment... even if the eventual answer is no, i need to know how many people are serious when they say they want to go. That is all... Jake

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ll.138 years ago

Can there be a decision for a meetup of UK i'Blers if there will be willing participation and a list of members that are hopeful to be there?
I will (almost definitely) be there.

Suggested places are
The Monument (15 minute walk from the Life Centre, predictable place for a meetup)
Train Station (5minutes from Life Centre)
Life Centre (where the Maker Fair actually is held)
KentsOkay8 years ago
I'd totally go, as y'know I'm one of the few members with experience of working at a Maker Faire booth...
But, alas, an ocean separates me from those ever so tempting isles....
Same here.
You live in the americas to don't you?
I am a Texan, please do not confuse us with pretenders and wannabes.
I don't
Yeah, he is neither of which. Just conceded. :-)
ll.138 years ago
1. Yes, definitely 2. Not really, but I'd be happy to make & show other Instructables projects (depending on cost) 3. Sure, if there is enough numbers 4. I'm in easy commuting distance, so n/a
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