Inappropriate Ads

Hey, I had an inappropriate (in my opinion) google-ad show up. I was searching forums for "chat room" and an ad for Horny Swinger Sex Chat came up. The site was . Aside from the fact that I thought it was an ad for a sex-swing (which would at least be interesting), it really goes a bit beyond PG-13. Here's the URL:

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I been told I wuz ugly enuff to stand on th' tracks and grin and it would make freight train take a detour up a dirt road !!
Camisado8 years ago
Hello there good friend. Thank you for providing me link to adult website. (LOL I talk like this when I'm in perv mode)
skunkbait (author)  Camisado8 years ago
Ya everyone says that when I'm in perv mode. They all say 'LOL'.....
The Jamalam8 years ago
I saw this one here. Really bad
ibles complaint advert.jpg
that 3rd chick is UGLY... Im not even sure if she's a chick...
skunkbait (author)  KentsOkay8 years ago
Yeah! Ugly people should not be allowed to be naughty!
Yeah, it ruins it for the ugly people looking at the naughty stuff... and elsewhere on cable there is a storm about to brew on evolution on BBC, coverage on vegetarianism on Animal Planet, and good old wrestling...take your pick
Hahaha. There should be a "breaking forums news" topic that tells of the flames, wars, truces and such on the forums.
Your armor seems to be singed again. I'll just dust off the banhammer and get it ready again. *sigh*
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