Incidents in Your Area

This may seem strange, but seeing as we all live in vastly different areas, I was just wondering if you could each share a little bit of local history. Have there been any major incidents in your area, and if so, have you witnessed any of them? It could be good, such as a movie filmed on your location, or bad.

Three come to mind for me.
There was an explosion at the Altlas Foundry in Tacoma, it knocked out power as far as Gig Harbor. I remember the lights going out and hearing about the explosion, but until recently, I never knew just how large the explosion was. I am amazed at how massive it was, I heard it was one of the largest BLEVE in history.


Galloping Gertie of course! That goes without saying.


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vicvelcro5 years ago
Stuff like this happens often, around here. We don't think much about it until things get quiet, then we get nervous...

Flight 255 (I was right there)
Flight 253
The Michigan Murders
Tornado Outbreak (just one of several)
Snow (just one example)
Earthquakes and Train Derailments
Environmental Disaster (one example)
Race Riot 1
Race Riot 2
Riot 3 (allegedly not racial)
You Paid for IT ("Imported from Detroit" - worth bragging about, Chrysler)

Add other riots, collapsing infrastructure, disastrous political and social corruption, and so much more.

Say "YES" to Michigan, and drop in for a visit. Take a stoll and leave on parole, after your vacation you can enjoy probation.
lemonie8 years ago
A new one involving Mickey Rourke & sportsmen, but that's about it recently.

Mickey Rourke was cool in the Expendables movie. He was a Tattoo artist, knife throwing, bike (chopper) riding, ex-mercenary type dude! Oh yes, and a man who appreciated the opposite sex. He made some weird movies in his day. One crazy one was "Harley-Davidson & the Marlboro Man"
He has a reputation, no doubt carefully-crafted...

Here in northern virginia, we had a huge flood. Our local baseball field was under 6 feet of water it was crazy. We also had a sniper on the loose who traveled through the woods. That's just recently, I haven't lived long enough to see what else
ChrysN5 years ago
I heard Mount St. Helens erupt. I was in Vancouver (Canada), it was pretty loud.

Also Shia Lebeouf was beat up here.  Plus we had riots here the last two times we lost in the Stanley cup finals. Then there was a serial killer (Willie Pickton) who killed 49 women.  But we did have the Olympics here 2 years ago, that was kind of fun.
ilpug5 years ago
I live in Northern California. About the biggest incidents we have here are the occasional murderer on the loose, and wild fires. Occasionally a drought.
seabananers7 years ago
i live in nova sctia we had hurrican juan
I thought of Nova Scotia and "The Halifax Explosion." As devastating as that was, and with the thousands killed, and many more thousands injured, I bet the destructive energy of the hurricane was greater. I suppose that the biggest difference was that the hurricane spreads its energy and devastation across a huge area--unlike the equivalent to 2.9 kilotons of TNT blowing up in the city's harbor.
Largest accidental explosion in history.
I live in a mild suburb and we had a murder/suicide near my house not to long ago. It's weird: you see those things on the news, but you never expect them to occur near your town.
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