Increase voltage in my 12v Ryobi drill?

Hi Guys!

I have a Ryobi 12 v power drill that is really tired. I don't wanna buy a new battery because
after a few month it got so weak. I read the inspiring post

Hot Rodding a Power Drill Battery by archer6817

and would love to try it. But I have a question. 
Can I increase the voltage if I put in new cells, 
like 14 or 18 volt?

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Toga_Dan9 months ago

If you are doing this project "for the exercise" then have fun.

But if you just want an 18 v drill, may I suggest a new one from harbor freight? It's probably not Quite as good as a new ryobi, but is probably as good as a home brewed frankenstein drill. And it costs about a buck more than the motor you mention. And it comes with a battery.

kefflon (author)  Toga_Dan9 months ago

Thank you. I think its mostly for fun.

I got a drill with a cord now, so in the meantime i could pimp the battery one.

Toga_Dan kefflon9 months ago

If you've got time, maybe you could amp it up to 50V!!!

(that's the max that osha considers safe in the rain, and such)

Toga_Dan9 months ago

you might wanna check the specs on the motor that came with the drill. Maybe it's already rated for more V.

kefflon (author) 9 months ago

Wow thanks Downunder. So I can basically get a 18v motor, and a power supply, either from new battery cells or a laptop adapter like Yonatan suggested. And then my standard Ryobi 12v drill becomes a 18v pimped out one! :-)

I found this on eBay, MABUCHI RS-775WC-9511 DC 6-18V 18000RPM High Speed Power Carbon Brush DC Motor

If the motors are the same size, maybe this 18v one is bigger.

I haven't opened mine yet to check how big it is.

Downunder35m9 months ago

The motors in these drills are standard types, compatible with the Mabuchi heavy duty models if not identical.
That means (assuming the rest of the drill is fine) you can change the motor for something suited for your voltage.
Available from 6 to 48V with various speeds and torque ratings.
You just need to pull the sprocket or worm drive off the old motor shaft and push it onto the new one (matching the distance from mounting points of course).

Yonatan249 months ago

Too much voltage and you'll ruint the drill. I haven't seen the I'ble, but if that answers your question, try this:

Why isn't is correcting? Ruin

kefflon (author)  Yonatan249 months ago

Thank you! Thats a great idea.

Yonatan24 kefflon9 months ago

Just make sure to get a power supply that can deliver A LOT of amps.