Increasing Testosterone

As we age changes happen in our bodies. One of these changes is a decrease in the production of some hormones, one of which is important to men, namely: testosterone. It affects muscle mass, physical and mental energy, and sexual function.

Selenium is found in Brazil nuts, and it is important in the production of testosterone. If you are showing any signs of low testosterone, try eating three or four raw Brazil nuts each day. Some suggest a person should not eat too many Brazil nuts.

(Of course, I am not mentioning this because I had the problem. I am speaking for a friend. Uh huh. Yeah, that is it. Wink, wink.) Anyway, my "friend" began to notice improvements within a week. You can get Brazil nuts in bulk at many grocery stores, and they may be a simple and inexpensive aid to low testosterone problems.

Other things that help low testosterone problems are reducing body weight by ten percent and regular exercise. 

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That is good to know, I would much rather eat some nuts than take some stupid supplement.

Phil B (author)  liquidhandwash2 years ago

Thank you for looking. I heard a couple of days ago we men lose 3% of our testosterone levels each year after age 30. I am almost 69, but, I would start eating a few Brazil nuts around age 50, knowing what I know now. Further, I have been eating Brazil nuts for two months. I am noticing benefit after the second month that is better than what I saw after the first month. Please report back when you can.

I got glandular fever a couple of years ago, and it keeps coming back, so I'm always trying new things in my diet. Ive been using one of those nutribullet food processor, to make smoothys and it has helped, I put in blue berry's banana, celery almonds, sun flower seeds, and linseed, but I play around with different ingredients. For me the linseed lifted my mood and relived anxiety, and i would recommend it to anyone who has a problem in that area.

Kiteman2 years ago

Actually, selenium is nothing to do with testosterone production. However, some studies in rats show that a serious deficiency can reduce the motility of sperm in rats. There no reliable data on human sperm motility.

Better news, a high selenium intake has been associated with a reduced incidence of prostate cancer.

Selenium is also found in meat, fish and eggs.

Don't worry about "too many" Brazil nuts - you'd need to eat a couple of hundred nuts a day to suffer toxic effects.

Phil B (author)  Kiteman2 years ago

I looked and found there was a study claiming selenium has no effect on testosterone production. And, all of those other foods are supposed to be rich in selenium. I do also know by experience eating Brazil nuts has made a tremendous difference that is not just my imagination.