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Hi guys,

Are there any DIY souls here who compose/record/produce their own original music or belong to any independent band? It would be lovely if we could all share our music here!

I'll start off with mine. Feel free to check them out:


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All my videos use my own music that I write, and produce... as well as video etc..

DenVonRot4 years ago
I am not in a group anymore but I still sing and write lyrics. My genre would range from alternative to grunge to punk.
Alberta Leong (author)  DenVonRot4 years ago
Keep going! ;)
I really only sing to myself now lol I've actually am considering selling my lyrics, my curse is I am a endless writer.
Alberta Leong (author) 4 years ago
Guys, a little activity for y'all!
Share your dream or encourage another dreamer:

Hell yea, indie music FTW!

Care to share your music? Would love to hear! :)
Yes of course. I have my website.

Thank you :)
К Вашему удивлению мы тут ВСЁ НА
Alberta Leong (author) 5 years ago
Here's a Christmas song for y'all!

Listen & download here:

Happy holidays DIY folks! Enjoy! :)
Mykus5 years ago
Great to see a nice bunch of independant artists here.

Latest release.

Free downloads from my Soundcloud account.

Alberta Leong (author)  Mykus5 years ago
Hi Mykus! Nice to have you visit. I see you are into electronica music. Some awesome tracks you have on your SoundCloud. I enjoy listening to electronica (esp trance) on occasion! Keep in touch. :)
tqwerty5 years ago
Does trying count? haha
Alberta Leong (author)  tqwerty5 years ago
Yea why not? What kinda music do you play/write? ;)
Well your stuff sure sounds great! Keep working!
And so shall I...
Alberta Leong (author)  tqwerty5 years ago
Thank you! Rock/Alt is cool. Never give up!
Goodhart5 years ago
I have, long long time ago....wrote lyrics, that apparently no one liked at the time, although I do hear parts of it now and again the the songs of others :-)
Alberta Leong (author)  Goodhart5 years ago
Maybe it's about time you pick it up again.. =D
My poetry is not really "what most song writers today are looking for", from the lyrics I hear (occasionally) on the radio. I can only hear them occasionally because most of the time I can't understand "what" they are saying. ;-)