Indoor LED plant lights

I am new to posting in the forums, and actually am not even sure if this is being posted in the right area. My name is Ryan, and I need some help. I have been growing spices/herbs for my own recipes for a couple years, and have always used artificial lights. I use a whole wack of those spiral florescent lights (The 23watt ones to replace a 100watt light bulb), and it works alright. I now want to create a panel of LED's so that I can increase my lumen count, and therefore increase the rate of growth. I need help with how to use resistors to get the power to what a 50 LED panel would need. LED: wattage: 1 watt Forward Voltage : 2.1V~2.3V Forward Current: 300mA. ATX Power Supply: Wattage: 250 Normal 120 volt Canadian power I want to make a panel that has 50 1watt LED's in it, power it from a modified 250watt ATX power supply, and if possible, power more than one from a single PSU (Power Supply Unit) (Something like a quick connector setup, have all resistors panel side, and have cords running to the PSU where it uses quick connectors) I want to use the PSU because I have three at my disposal. I was thinking that it would only need 50 watts or something, and I could wire it in series, however I don't know what resistors to use, or where to use them, to make the power work for the LED's. I can wire thing together, solder, and have a basic understanding of circuitry (Like power flows this direction, and this will do that...... don't know numbers)

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cidly246 years ago
what watt do you want ?
lemonie8 years ago
What LEDs are you thinking of using (colour)?
I don't see how you can get 1W from 300mA at less than 3.33V?
LED Wizard

MaXoR (author)  lemonie8 years ago
I want to use Red and Blue. I have purchased the LED's already, and am paying someone to design a circuit for powering them. I will be using 21pc 3W 700mA 3.5-4.2V BLUE and 15pc 3W 700mA 2.0V RED That is simply what they are being called, I realize that some of those numbers don't match the math.
lemonie MaXoR8 years ago
I'll look out for your instructable then - thanks for the update. L
lemonie lemonie8 years ago
Plants need particular wavelengths, the red/blue suggests you've thought about this. If you know your colours use the LED link, and best wishes. L

Here is one I found at: In China....

  • Base: BA15s
  • Working voltage: 6, 12 and 24V DC
  • Colors available: white, red, yellow, blue and green
Or, these particular clusters.... but I don't know if they are what he meant or not....

3.6 Watt power consumption 300 mA current consumption.

MaXoR (author) 8 years ago
MaXoR (author) 8 years ago
I want to use Red and blue colors