Indoor War- What weapons?

I've observed that the majority of people think range (and reliability though this seems to be taken way too seriously) wins wars outdoors. So what would you choose for a weapon if it were indoors with a few walls and corners, tables and other cover, and probably the largest room being no larger than 20x20 meters? Just curious.
I was thinking that for this reason, I'd like to come up with a shotgun. I have an idea floating in my head if anyone wants to hear it as I can't build it for the obvious usual reasons.

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jamesdude7 years ago
I'd just like something that's sturdy and has decent ROF. Suggestions?
ZKAR is very sturdy and it has an EXTREME ROF.
Not enough pieces...
Not even for a 3 thick ZKARv2?
Where is it? And yes I do.
well the ZKAR 2 is better, but he gets the point.
I meant that version. I refer to ZKAR2 as just the ZKAR out of laziness.
that makes sense.
TheDunkis (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
Oh no! One more character! *gasp* how would you ever survive? It must be extremely exhausting to move your finger just one more time before moving onto the next word.
~KGB~ jamesdude7 years ago
ZKAR V2 by far... very impressive gun...
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