Inexpensive way to cut paper shapes

Hi! I enjoy making paper boxes with cardstock that I normally have just cut by hand with scissors. But I am to the point where I need a simple way that I can cut the paper shapes which doesn't take as long as cutting with scissors and isn't as expensive as purchasing a scrapbook die cutter (which I can't create my own die for anyway). Does anyone have a less expensive idea that might help me? Thanks!

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Rishnai6 years ago
I'm guessing you've already got your problem solved, but in the next couple of days I plan on making an 'ible on homemade cutting dies, if anyone happens to need one.
NachoMahma6 years ago
. With a little practice, an Exacto-type knife can be pretty fast.
Maybe cut a template from roof flashing (thin steel) or plastic (plexiglas), hold it down against the paper and run the exacto-knife around the outside? I'm surprised no one mentioned a DIY laser cutter yet...
Making a laser cutter isn't exactly inexpensive.
If it ain't cheap enough, you just ain't scrounged enough. :-)
Good luck scrounging for the fixins for a laser!
Give me 200 laser pointers and some time. Or even 200 dollar-store CD players and I'll have a functional cutting laser.
Stop tempting me! I've got parts but too much else to do!

...although I've been wanting to build a CNC mill, once that's done then just replace the milling head with a laser, for flat sheets don't even need the Z-axis just focus the laser...

Stop it already!!
I do templates with cardboard. Very simple and quick. I just did it today, actually, to cut out a ton of arrows. And even though I was using a big honkin' razor, they still turned out fine. :D
kellybasinger (author) 6 years ago
Yes. I think the roof flashing idea with an exacto knife is my best bet at the moment. I have the supplies so I can put it together tonight. Thanks, folks!
Let us know how it goes!