Inexpensive way to grind plastic bottles?

Greetings, I am looking for an inexpensive way to grind individual plastic bottles into particles for easy melting in molds. I tried a blender. It just scrapes it very loudly and burns it. It doesn't break it up. Thanks

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BrianW2442 months ago
BrianW2442 months ago

I am sure that this could be mechanised .

BrianW2442 months ago

Has anyone tried using an old style paper guillotine, I can remember the one we had in junior school it was huge (everything is huge when you are five years old if I can find a photo I will post it later

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Booga Booga from the Wizard of Los Alamos!

I cut up bottles all the time.

Method 1: Take a soldering iron and make a tip for the soldering iron using stripped Romex wire. Hammer the end of the soldering iron tip flat on a bench vise. The soldering iron can be used for slicing up plastic bottles.

Method 2: take a pair of tin snips and cut the bottle up into 1/4-inch wide bands. The bands can be cross-cut to make 1/4-inch by 1/4-inch chips.

When plastic is manufactured, it is heated, extruded and then cut off to form small pellets. I would start looking at vendors who make these type of systems to determine if you might be able to make a low-cost version of such a system.

Please wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - Long sleeve shirt, eye protection, apron, gloves if you embark on such an effort.

elkaddalek3 months ago

I've seen meany ways to grind/shred plastic.(personal reserch :D) the cons & prose of each one,(I think).

Paper Grinder, have to adapt a drill to metal shredder blades,cuts into length long pieces, not durable enough to chop hard/thick plastic( no pro )

Meat Grinder, have to mount it on a solid table, grinds into small pieces, have to cut up the plastic before inserting into the grinder, produces alot of static & the plastic sticks together when in comes out.

Blender, have to cut the plastic into small pieces before blending, if it's not a high quality blender it will just spin the plastic around & you can only blend small amounts at a time.

Lawn Mower, big, gas powered, alot of welding & wood building for the frame, possible limb loss hazard.

Wood Chipper, works good, small plastic chips, possible limb loss.

Laser Cut Metal Plastic Shredder Kit, works as good as any other industrial plastic shredder, lot of welding, wood work, lathe experience to make the shaft or other pieces, need a laser metal cuter or someone who has one to cut the blades & other metal pieces.

(Personal Thought/Idea) can thick wood blades or a wood wheels with metal ground sharp blades work?

Kyu TeeL1 year ago

3gghead1 year ago

What sort of volume are you thinking? You could use a lathe with a chuck that makes use of the threads for the cap. Might require a cotter-pin, depending on direction of turn and/or the bottle's threads. For higher volume, you might want to attach some saw blades to the shaft of a high-torque motor then build a feed & exhaust system around that. Depending on the blade-spacing, you could shred HDPE to dust if that's what is needed (fi, heating pre-filled molds). For best results, air-cool the blades at the very least. At the same motor speed, smaller blades will heat-up faster larger blades and may begin to melt the bottles which would make a mess in the collection bin.

Just some 'left-field' ideas..

Toga_Dan1 year ago

liquid N

chrisd3351 year ago


this is an old thread, but I think I have a pretty easy way to do it at home - it is a 2 step process and this will only work with bottles - like the water bottles that are everywhere...


cut the bottles into string here is a possible method

Then grind up the string with something like this- it is a filiment pellitizer.

If you want to throw a whole bottle into the grinder - it will cost lots of $$ - but if you reduce the size of the material to only a few mm wide, then it gets much easier. This should get you to a pelletized PET bottle plastic you can then use to make filiment from pretty cheaply and close the loop between plastic junk and filiment

critical11 year ago

Hmm I wouldf have thought sink garbage disposal unit would do a good job!

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