Inexpensive way to grind plastic bottles?

Greetings, I am looking for an inexpensive way to grind individual plastic bottles into particles for easy melting in molds. I tried a blender. It just scrapes it very loudly and burns it. It doesn't break it up. Thanks

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Kyu TeeL8 months ago

3gghead1 year ago

What sort of volume are you thinking? You could use a lathe with a chuck that makes use of the threads for the cap. Might require a cotter-pin, depending on direction of turn and/or the bottle's threads. For higher volume, you might want to attach some saw blades to the shaft of a high-torque motor then build a feed & exhaust system around that. Depending on the blade-spacing, you could shred HDPE to dust if that's what is needed (fi, heating pre-filled molds). For best results, air-cool the blades at the very least. At the same motor speed, smaller blades will heat-up faster larger blades and may begin to melt the bottles which would make a mess in the collection bin.

Just some 'left-field' ideas..

Toga_Dan1 year ago

liquid N

chrisd3351 year ago


this is an old thread, but I think I have a pretty easy way to do it at home - it is a 2 step process and this will only work with bottles - like the water bottles that are everywhere...


cut the bottles into string here is a possible method

Then grind up the string with something like this- it is a filiment pellitizer.

If you want to throw a whole bottle into the grinder - it will cost lots of $$ - but if you reduce the size of the material to only a few mm wide, then it gets much easier. This should get you to a pelletized PET bottle plastic you can then use to make filiment from pretty cheaply and close the loop between plastic junk and filiment

critical11 year ago

Hmm I wouldf have thought sink garbage disposal unit would do a good job!

I know this is a very old post, but those of you whom are still following the thread and have been waiting all this time, I might have found something. The guy on this website makes the grinder, compressor, extruder, and injector! All of it is DIY and he has the plans available FOR FREE. It'll still set you back a few hundred dollars, but the ROI is worth it once you're pillaging the neighborhood recycling bins for all their plastic. Once I find a metal working shop in my area, I'm definitely going to at least start shredding the plastic for volume reduction and long term storage. Then I've got to decide if I'm building up or pyrolyzing down the shredded treasure.

Hi, I'm with you on the long term storage bit.. Seems the first sensible thing to do before spending more time/energy converting shredded material into something new. Did you get anywhere with the precious plastic machines? I'm looking for a machine of some sort that I could use to shred plastic bottles directly on the beach. Have you seen these guys?

SethJ41 year ago

I sent the files for the shredder part only for a quote to be water jet cut, came back with a quote of $889 NZD + GST (15%). Not really DIY and not really affordable at all!

och SethJ41 year ago

Try a plasma cutter instead, it should be cheaper than a water jet, but yes, the project is not really inexpensive. I'm being charged $500 USD to cut the pieces with plasma here in Costa Rica, plus the cost of the motor, reductor, etc...

pkerry14 years ago
I think I have the machine you folks are looking for. Take a look at this YouTube video which shows machine that shreds plastic bottles and aluminum cans. It is an Italian-made machine (and thus an Italian speaking video). I have been introduced to the company that wants to bring it to the U.S. I am interested to get feedback on this, including whether there would be demand for home-use for this (with an appropriate machine size and price point of course). I believe that there would be a demand for larger commercial uses. I would jump to around 1:30 in the video where they start showing the machine. Thanks and I look forward to any comments.

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