Inflatable Animals on NYC Streets

Joshua Allen Harris makes awesome animal sculptures out of plastic bags and places them over subway grates to that they inflate when the gusts of hot air shoot out of them. Here's a video of his newest one as well as a couple of previous animals.

Picture of Inflatable Animals on NYC Streets
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That 2nd movie is hilarious. (Well, YouTube video. Whatever. :P)
caitlinsdad9 years ago
That is art but you should really take a look at the giant Union Rat that is put up in front of NYC buildings to protest non-union labor there.


They further alleged that officers have mistreated The Rat.
I guess they could have got PETA involved too...
I can see it now: the SPCA and PETA raids the police station after reports of them "dragging a large rat about the parking lot" LOL
Goodhart9 years ago
That dog really moves well.....looks like the air directed up from the vents inflates them.
Notbob9 years ago
almost strange
Gjdj39 years ago
Those are really cool.