Informal Poll: Watermelon- Salted or Not?

Does anyone here put salt and/or pepper on their watermelon?

Please post your country/location when replying... and thanks!

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1der12342 years ago

No salt on my watermelon. This is probably one of my favorite snacks for any time and I prefer them at their most natural state! :)

Triclaw3 years ago

no salt usa

muncandy3 years ago

no, i want it to be sweet

sunshiine5 years ago
Definetely salty!
bajablue (author)  sunshiine5 years ago
lol... I've got a salted watermelon pop with your name on it! ;-)
Please freeze it until I can get there! Mouth watering already!
onrust5 years ago
Watermelon plain unless rum soaked :)
bajablue (author)  onrust5 years ago
I like mine with super-salty French or Bulgarian feta. So, salted :)

For sweet, aged balsamic syrup is delicious.
Watermelon with really good balsamic is always amazing but the best way to have them is with salt and lemon, and chili powder!
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