Infrared transmitter and receiver

I want to make a gadget which sends a few kb of data via infrared and also receives data via infrared with a timestamp. However, I am stuck as I have only used arduinos before and I have to design a circuitboard which I have never done before, with PIC microcontrollers (must be cheap ones). I need help a) choosing a microcontroller and b) assembling all the components into a circuitboard (ir transmitter, receiver, microusb port to transfer data to pc, battery). Gadget will eventually be portable so make everything light.



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caitlinsdad4 years ago
1. I guess it would be bad if this is your first assignment on the job. Is this a school project?
2. Disregard the snarkiness above if not true. I think it helps people decide if they want to chime in.
3. Do you have a better explanation of what you want to do? Is this some kind of remote datalogger to be plugged back into a PC to offload the captured data? You can use an Arduino to program an Attiny. There are various Attiny chips depending on the number of pins you need and supports a lot of the same commands for an Arduino. I think if you research TV remote controls, you would get the understanding of the transmitter/receiver protocol. The TV-B-Gone is programmed on an Attiny. I don't know if you need to think about adding an SD card for data storage. Good luck.
khabro (author)  caitlinsdad4 years ago
1, Yes, this is a personal project but I am a keen learner and usually work things out for myself. I have an excellent understanding of physics but this is my first time really delving into electronics.

3, I think you understand my meaning quite well, it's to receive data by other similar devices and timestamp them as well, and then viewed on PC. The data is a few kB per transfer so I think chip memory is enough, however, I don't know if there is an interface required when attaching is via miniUSB to the computer (as a port)?

ATtiny flash memory is not enough however, what cheap flash memory would you suggest?
I am not an electronics guru but I think you need some kind of Uart chip to handle the serial USB communication to the PC. Full size Arduino's have it on board or built in. The others require that FTDI adapter to hook up to a PC. There are SD card shields for the arduino, I do not know if they can be similarly added to an Attiny. And you need a realtimeclock chip to add to the arduino for regular timekeeping or you will need to just do the internal timer countdown. Expect to sink some money in getting all the parts you need for the project.
khabro (author)  caitlinsdad4 years ago
Is there any single chip with all this integrated in it at a reasonable price?
Look up the atmega chip used in the Leonardo series of Arduinos, everything should be built in. You can build your own arduino board if you get the chip.