Ingenuity in the cannabis community

This is an inquiry aimed at the moderators and staff of the site specifically, but should also involve the community.

I live in Northern California, which is one of the world centers of marijuana use and culture. My entire life I have been exposed to users of the drug, and it is a drug, although a largely harmless one in comparison to other legal drugs (and let's not make this a debate, please. it's not the issue at hand, argue about that in other places PLEASE). I would also like to add that I do not, never have, and will most likely never smoke marijuana unless I develop a medical condition for which it is prescribed. Being a maker, I have noticed the large amount of art, ingenuity, and design that goes into the smoking devices that these people use. This creativity and design is something that I feel should be shared on this site.

Marijuana is a drug that is legal in many places, either freely available or medicinally, or in a legal gray area. In fact, it seems much more legal, and arguably safer than a portion of the projects on this website. From the perspective of someone who does dumb things safely, I have seen some stuff on here that is terrifying at worst, and dumb at best. That said, it's all usually creative, and awesome, and is by no means representative of the vast majority of content on this site.

marijuana apparatus can be very creative and artistic, values supported by this site
it is legal in various areas and a lot safer than some things I have seen on here

The actual question:

What is the official position of the mods/staff/community on posting content including or related to marijuana smoking apparatus?

I have made many different kinds of smoking things for my friends, and it is a much more in depth and scientific process than one would imagine. If it's okay, I would like to share some of these creations.

also, that's not my picture, just an example of an intricate bong.

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wilgubeast5 years ago
The official stance is to keep it PG. Drugs aren't, so that type of flagrantly non-PG content just can't live here. There are other places for that type of content online. And the option for private 'ibles if you really want to keep it on Instructables.

Marijuana apparatuses are hit and miss. Generally, those must be applicable outside of drug cultivation/ingestion. Yes to non-specific hydroponic growth operations, as they work for many plants. Consumption devices are trickier to defend, and my recommendation is not to share them publicly on the site.
What about view by invitation only Ible?
Tomdf5 years ago
Ew boy, thats a sticky one isn't it. These my opinions as a site user:

Some "bongs" are art and, are fabricated in very interesting ways (ever seen a glass lathe? They are awesome!) That said, if they were displayed on this site, there would be one well done glass instructable for every 1000 mountain dew bottle / apple pipes and it wouldn't end up being very classy.

I would also flag it, simply because of the family aspect. When censoring myself I like to think about "What if a 8th grade teacher saw one of their students viewing this at school, would they write an angry email?" If the answer is yes, then I try to 'family' it up a bit.

And, since this is at least somewhat related, and I've been dying to share, check out this awesome glass works that highlight much of the same artistry that goes into water filtration tobacco smoking devices, but you could still show them to your principal.

Farlow Scientific Glassblowing
Kiteman Tomdf5 years ago
That steam engine is awesome (worth a topic in its own right), but the still image looks like the glass-blower sneezed!
Kiteman5 years ago
Personally, I would flag any project that appeared to encourage or endorse the use of illegal substances (no matter what arguments people might present to try and show that marijuana is somehow harmless, it remains a fact that its use is illegal for the vast majority of readers, even in California).

It's in the site's ToS that projects encouraging illegal activities are not allowed, we try to be a family-friendly site, and we are trying to encourage the site's use in schools - on all those fronts, a drug-related project would not be allowed.

However, such apparatus are also usable with other, legal substances.

As long as the focus was on the Make, not the weed, it is my opinion that such projects would be allowed on the site, but please do not expect a Feature from me.
I wonder if the legalities for such a thing would change since its no longer the case in Washington State and Colorado...

On a personal note, I would flag it also. Whether its legal or not, I don't think it has a place here...
ilpug (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
I understand entirely, that would be my general approach as well. I think I will avoid posting my smoking builds, or at least censoring them a lot, to keep up the family friendly policy, and the use in schools, which I am super glad about. It's definitely a "niche market" type of Make.

I have been a bit unsure of the site's legality policy though. There are a lot of projects I have seen that are very illegal, and although are great builds, and lots of fun (safety questionable), would get you arrested or fined, looking specifically at the makeshift weapons category. Like, I know that potato cannons strike a different chord in the maker community than making your own bongs, but it does seem that legality on some things is a gray area on this site, smoking stuff included. Not that I have a problem with that, I'm just kinda curious about the actual policy on questionable legality.
Kiteman ilpug5 years ago
If you're wanting to share less widely, you could publish an instructable as "private", and share the link with those who would be interested, rather than those who would complain - private instructables can only be seen by those with the link.

As for the legality of weapons, they're a lot more legal, in a lot more places, than drugs, thanks to the (2nd ammendment to the US constitution?) "right to bear arms".

Also, I know parts of the world where the lack of an openly-displayed firearm makes you appear strange and untrustworthy.
Ah, I see you've been to Texas.
(Actually, it was my father, visiting the Pakistan-Afghan border. He was given an AK47 to carry to stop him looking like a target tourist.)
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