Inkless printer

What if you put a laser cutter on low power and used it like a printer? What if you made an insert for inkjets to accept a low power laser? No more ink - ever! just paper or anything else you wanted.

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Kiteman10 years ago
Haven't we discussed this elsewhere? Laser printers do not shine a laser onto paper - they use it to charge a roller that picks up toner in exactly the same way as a photocopier. If you want to burn the image directly into the paper, you're going to need a flat-bed plotter, with a laser in place of the pen, plus careful control of the burn - singing without evaporation.
You could cover it in lemon juice, then use the heat of the laser to darken the parts you want. (text)
Wow, high-tech boy scout spying!
Goodhart Kiteman10 years ago
There's an idea ! Replace the ink in inkjet cartridges with lemon juice and make the message a high tech secret one. Just make sure you have all the "pulp" out of the juice or it will clog the jets LOL
Actually, bubble jet printers use heat to spray the ink.  I wonder if you used the lemon juice in a bubble jet cartridge would this heat be enough to color the juice and make it visible.  You could only do black and white but it would be cheap.
Hmmm, I suppose it would depend on the amount of heat would break down fairly quickly though, I would assume.
Don't know.  Maybe I will try to get an old bubble jet from a thrift store or something and try it.  Hope it doesn't explode in flames : )
Well, just make sure your juice  has no pulp in it LOL
I will probably used the store bought stuff.  I will have to test it to see if it still discolors when it is heated.
LOL The only problem is that you couldn't leave the note out in the heat.
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