Inmate makes tattoo machine from PlayStation

A prisoner in the UK wanted to ink some skin so badly he made a tattoo machine from a Sony PlayStation. He did it by attaching a motor from the PlayStation to a sharpened ballpoint pen. It must've worked because he gave tattoos to others before he was caught it was taken away.

Sony PainStation
via Inhabitat

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H_Rod7 years ago
Do they allow Playstations in prison in the UK?  Would it be better used as a working playstation? Oh... they probably upgraded to a PS3. Prison in the UK sounds awesome.
Yeah, they have Playstations, XBOXs, TVs... just loads of stuff, I can't understand why they are allowed them because they are supposed to be  being punished. Some of them probably got in their because they were caught stealing some of this stuff too, prison here is too cushy for criminals to be afraid of it anymore.
A teacher over here that taught me one time said that "Prison is kind of like home, except you're locked in it forever.  You get a cot and 3 hots (Translated, you get a place to sleep and 3 meals) a day."
fungus amungus (author)  H_Rod7 years ago
According to the article, PS1 and PS2 are allowed, but no PS3.
Why no ps3?
 GTA III is their favioute game. Little ironic?
Very ironic.
And problematic...
SkunkRyder7 years ago
my first tattoo came from a homemade gun just like this! glad to see British criminals are catching up with the times :)
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