Revolutionary Knex Gun Competition 1

The Challenge: Make a firing knex weapon without elastic bands. Weapons that use elastics are allowed to be entered, but each instance of elastic use will reduce its chances of winning. A weapon that was created before the beginning of the contest will also decrease its chances of winning.

Rules: You may enter as many knex weapons as you like.

Criteria (in order of importance)

Deadline: May 1st.

Judging: I'll pick the winner.

Rewards: The winner will receive my 5 star rating on their slideshow or instructable. The real prize, however, is the satisfaction of winning. The winning weapon will be announced in a forum shortly after May 1st.

Entering The Contest: Post a link on this forum to enter.

I will be posting a new contest near the beginning of each month until further notice.

Picture of Revolutionary Knex Gun Competition 1
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MotaBoi7 years ago
 Does it have to be a gun?
Oblivitus (author)  MotaBoi7 years ago
Nope, it can be any knex weapon.
 actually, probably not because im working on my f2000
 cool, i'll make a trebuchet or catapult.
webby4277 years ago
I'm in

*only uses a band on the mag
*ok looks
*comfy handle (for small hands)
*fires gray connectors/blue clips
*big 16 shot mag
*removable mag
*can fit in an avarage pocket
*piece efficient - 41 pieces
*quite relyable
*very strong - 5 layers
*ideal sidearm
*true trigger
no band semi auto11.BMPno band semi auto211.BMP
Oblivitus (author)  webby4277 years ago
Did you delete your slideshow? You were in first place in my competition.
new relyable version
Picture 86.jpg
Post instructions?
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