Install fedora 17 on windows 8?

Hi, I don't think this is the wright place to post up software stuff...But it is a burning question.
How can i install fedora 17 on windows 8? I tried to boot from an usb stick, it just comes up with the ACER startscreen then it moves on into windows again. I am using a ACER 5336 pc and running windows 8 release preview.
So is there any more simple way to install? Im only 13 and i dont understand any programming...I just want fedora because it looks nice:)

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Consider using a virtual machine software such as virtualbox, vmware, or qemu. Forget the dual boot. MS (self serving) does not like dual boot systems. This is especially true with the latest bioses. Ubuntu has what is called Wubi. that is meant to install linux within mswindows. W8 is still not a finished product yet, so caveat emtor.
NXTHacker (author)  Computothought5 years ago
hi, thanks for your help. But i have found out that its my pcs fault. It does not allow to install anything ubuntu-debian-fedora based.
Huh? That does not make sense. Are you trying to dual boot or how are you going to install it. Does your system have the new uefi bios? Then that might make sense. You allegedly can disable the uefi on some motherboards as not to deal with it. M$ is disappointing with their monopoly over the market. (being nice).
caitlinsdad5 years ago
I would read up first on dual-booting on a machine with windows 8 and linux. You probably have to set your machine to recognize booting first off of the usb drive by going into the bios(it depends on what key you hit when it powers on, maybe del or F12, etc) and saving the changes. Know what you are doing because you can easily wipe out all of your windows stuff if you do not understand when it repartitions or copies files to your hard drive.
NXTHacker (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago
I am not worried about deleting my files. As i do not have any at all. All i have is some useless pictures. But I really want to get rid of windows 8 as it is very slow.
I have tried hitting the f12, but i dont know what to do...
1. I recommend going to the forums for better in-depth PC questions.
2. Try pressing F2 or the DEL key a couple of times right after you turn on the laptop.  You have to get the timing right, maybe after you see the logo splash screen or when the memory check is counting.  If you hear a beep, it caught and should bring you to the setup screens, probably in advanced tab you will see something like boot priority, change from CD  or harddrive to the USB or external device.  Hopefully you have the bootable installed version on your flashdrive and not just a copy of the installation which should not work.  Good luck.
oh, if you were able to get into the startup settings, save them and exit. Plug your usb drive in and power up again. It should start running the install on the flashdrive.
NXTHacker (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago
its fine now, ive installed joilcloud, this seemed easier. It seems acer 5336 cannot boot fedora or ubuntu:(
That was installing jolicloud from the USB? You need to run the utility program that creates a bootable install or unpacks the bootable image files on the usb or cdrom for ubuntu. Otherwise, nothing will happen.
NXTHacker (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago
yep, i installed jolicloud from windows 8, not ubuntu.
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