Installing Ubuntu on a computer with 160mb of RAM

Hey guys I'm trying to install Ubuntu on a old computer to use as a temperature (the one that chr made) but since it has only got 160mb of RAM it freezes on the first screen for installation Anyother ways to install Ubuntu without it freezing?

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zachninme9 years ago
You'll need to use the alternate install CD.
thermoelectric (author)  zachninme9 years ago
KenGriffin9 years ago
Well first off I really suggest getting a few CD-R's just in case, and make sure you get Xubuntu instead of Ubuntu, it is meant for lower performance computers. If you can run XP with 160 MB of RAM, then there's no way you can't run Xubuntu.

thermoelectric (author)  KenGriffin9 years ago
wazupwiop9 years ago
make sure it isn't a bad burn
thermoelectric (author)  wazupwiop9 years ago
a bad burn means that there could be a bad spot on a disk. (I know frome experience) If there WERE ANY SCRATCHES OR FINGERPRINTS ON THE DISK AND I MEAN ANY you will need to download ubuntu and burn it on a cd
thermoelectric (author)  wazupwiop9 years ago
No, There are no scratches, It works on a faster computer.
ok, you need to return that cd and get a copy of xUbuntu It is intended for older, less powerful computers
thermoelectric (author)  wazupwiop9 years ago
Would that still work with Chr's Temperature sensor thing?
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