Instructable #16 is a no show

It appears that my 16th instructable has not been appearing anywhere for the past several days, and it does not even show up on my profile page (It reads that I only have 15 instructables without even a hint that my newer one even exists). Everything tells me that I have achieved 16 instructables, but there is no 16th instructable! And, from this, I fear that my others will meet the same fate if I attempt to do another again.

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Thergox (author) 5 years ago
It has appeared with views now, so it is confirmed it is now online. . . Does that mean I should just delete this forum or something? Or should I leave it around for those with the same problem?
Thergox (author)  Thergox5 years ago
Very well. Thank you for your time, guys.
Kiteman Thergox5 years ago
It's a fairly frequent "problem" (if you search, there are *lots* of Forums and Questions asking where Instructables have gone, or why they don't show up).

I'd leave it, hopefully as a lesson to others.
Kiteman5 years ago
Your project has a URL with words in, not just random letters, which means it has been published.

Since it has not shown up on the public lists, that means that it has, for whatever reason, triggered the site's automatic filters.

When a human gets a chance to clear the filters, your project will appear.
caitlinsdad5 years ago
When you go into your You page, does that new instructable you created show as an (unpublished 1) in the tabs and you did not publish the 16th instructable? Even if it hit the filters you should still be able to get back to it to edit it.
Thergox (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago
It is published, but shows no where else but my total instructables on my profile (The one that only I end up seeing). It was never listed as a private instructable, so I have no idea what's going on.
Thergox (author)  Thergox5 years ago
Post a link to the 16th ible so the staff can track it down and know what it is.