Instructable Chat Room Party

hey, i have this idea, lets have a instructable chat room party!!!, for no reason, maybe celebrate summer coming, or something like that, just an idea. how about everyone be in the chat room on the 7th of June, its a Saturday so, i hope to see ya there!!! I've taken lots from the instructables community (knowledge, not actually stealing things), and i would like to give something back...

instructables chatroom

7:00 instructables time PCT

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xACIDITYx9 years ago
Altoids!? Why is this tagged as Altoids?!
No worries, I just removed the tag.
You can mess with tags!? Let me guess, you can feature too? Lucky...
Yea... I have been on the feature team about since it started.
Lucky... I want to be able to feature!
Like I say to everyone else; if you contribute great instructables and provide a unique positive influence on the site, we are able to request people to the feature team.
Derin Brennn109 years ago
then i have some problems,my instructables always come out bad
Derin Derin9 years ago
my latest ible is rated at 3.09 with 1 rating and it has 448 views so im on the right track now
*cough* positive....*cough*

Nah, If I ever DO get invited, I'd probably never use the feature anyway......
Well, I'm screwed. Lol! Just kidding. I'll get on it!
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