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I just spent around 4 hours making an excel walk through for an Instructables contest, and when I went to add it to the contest, it said, "Sorry, your instructable isn't eligible; it may have been published before the contest entry date." The contest is April 4th to May 1st. What is going on?  

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lemonie6 years ago

You have 1 instructable in the contest.
I can't see any others.

However, I'd really like to know how you can make Excel relate to eggs, where is it?

tinstructable (author)  lemonie6 years ago
Never mind, I tried to enter it in the unpublished form. I just said publish and there it was. It is a little different than most other entries to that competition, but it works.

That wasn't what I expected, but I can't think of reading anything else here that has used Excel for the sort of things it's good at - nice job.

tinstructable (author) 6 years ago
It's for the Egg-Bot contest, and it says, "Anything egg related is eligible." My instructable does indeed have to do with eggs.
(See the reply button?)

So, you need to contact "service".
Kiteman6 years ago
Best email the problem directly to service [at] instructables [dot] com.

(Of course, it may be that the actual reason was that the particular instructable concerned was not actually suitable for the contest in question.)