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I really want to make an instrucable about something, but i have no idea on what to make it about. I just need suggestions. I am an avid outdoors man and I want to do an instructables about something outdoors.

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What kind of stuff are you in to, that would be a start for thinking of what... Also are you from ireland, I'm in belfast...
irish death1 (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
cool my ancestors are from ireland. i was thinking like outdoors stuff mostly. Right now i am going to work on a birding thing, but i will take any suggestions and put them on my list of things to do.
Just anything you are interested in or something you can do that isn't explained here...
Bran9 years ago
Do one something you know and are good at.

You might to talk to Weissensteinburg - he's a Gator fan.
zachninme Bran9 years ago
That... was... random?
Bran zachninme9 years ago
LOL! Well, I noticed that Irish's avatar is one of Tim "Superman" Tebow, the quarterback for the Florida Gator football team.

Sorry Irish, but

Go Dawgs!

irish death1 (author)  Bran9 years ago
lol i like any team that is in the SEC
Ah, I'm the same way, just more favorable of my Dawgs. I could go on forever about collegiate football....
irish death1 (author)  Bran9 years ago
lol thanks. btw nice dear.
Thanks, it was my first.
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