Instructable flash support

Well today as I stared at pocket cotton candy machine, I thought I should add a flash animation explaining the basics of how cotton candy machine work. Now that poses a problem. I could export my animation to a video, but when you do that in Adobe Flash it deteriorates quality and basically turns it into a slide show instead of an animation. So this post is to suggest the possible add-on of flash support for instrucatbles so that those of us who use flash don't have to ruin our animations. Plus flash loads faster.

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save it as an flv and add to youtube, well it's something like that, I know they take a flash format for upload but I can't remember which, it might just be .swf
flv is what it downloads as, so it must upload the same.
Hmm worth a go...
gimmelotsarobots (author) 9 years ago
The advertisements are done in flash, so instructables must have support for this.
Firebert0109 years ago
It's easy to hide a trojan in a flash file. The idea of flash support is possible, but unlikely for this reason. I'd like to have it. I have a good virus protection setup, so I wouldn't be worried.
gimmelotsarobots (author) 9 years ago
Yes, the malicious ones are malicious. Instructables could start an automatic filter for it though. And if it comes to it a "hand" check of each flash animation.
> And if it comes to it a "hand" check of each flash animation. . I don't know about the Ibles gang, but I wouldn't allow anything on my system that required "hand" checking, even if I had the resources to do it. Why take the chance?
zachninme9 years ago
Link to externally. It would be very unwise of Instructables to let people embed any .swf they wanted, as they can be used maliciously.
Could probably embed them, somehow main problem is malicious ones, they can be malicious, you could probably filter them to only allow one way interactions, ie buttons and links only...