Instructable is still hung up.

Need a hand with an instructable again. It seems mine keep getting "hung up" in the filters. When this happens, they stay in limbo for a good long time, then when they're finally pushed through, they're already buried on page 32 of the "recent" list. I've tried E-Mailing Ed and randofo 2 days ago, but haven't gotten a response. Anyone have any ideas how to deal with this? Or what "filters" are in place so I can avoid having my instructable get throttled, then buried?

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ewilhelm8 years ago
I know this isn't the original topic of your post, but considering the comments below, I think it's now relevant. We try very hard to make the contests fair, and one of those ways is to eliminate obviously fake votes. See the attached picture for a view of one of our admin interfaces where we can check out the votes on a particular Instructable. We're always open to new ideas around making the contests more transparent. IP address isn't the only thing we look at, but one idea we've been throwing around is to display the number of votes along with the number of unique IP addresses those votes came from. If anyone has more ideas on this front, I'd appreciate them being started as new forum topics in the feedback section. Thanks!
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i like your tools :)
I don't think that displaying the # of unique IP addrs will change much. It will only let the cheaters know that you're looking at IPs, and they'll use proxies. This, I would assume, would only make it harder to weed out fake votes. Also, while I think of it, pro user's instructables should be treated more leaniently when going through filters. Assume the best and only hold them back for review if they contain certain words or are too short.
Not to mention, there are often multiple iblers in a single household, using the same IP addrs. In my home there are always four iblers, and occasionally a couple others.
Using proxies would be a bit of a give-away though? I'd say there's enough information in that screen that you'd see patterns. L
I'm not saying it would be impossible to tell if the vote was faked if proxies were used. I'm just saying that it is a lot easier without them ;-)
Javin007 (author)  zachninme8 years ago
You know, and on second thought, IPs could also give the wrong impression. In order to get my votes up, I sent out an E-Mail to a number of my co-workers, as did my girlfriend. I even gave them instructions on how to vote. Their external IPs would all be the same as mine as they would be coming from the same router. (Or they'd at least be close to the same block I'd suspect. As small as our facility is, I'd be surprised if our IP pool is large.) That would make people like me look worse, while people using proxies would slip through. Hrm... Still gotta lean towards "silent judges."
Javin007 (author)  zachninme8 years ago
True. Proxies are too easy to use. I still think voting should be done by a panel of silent judges, and even the entries shouldn't be announced until after the fact. As for the "pros being treated more leniently by filters" I 110% agree. People aren't going to pay for an account just to post garbage.
I've been a fan of weighted voting.... If you signed up an hour ago, you're a weak voter. As you "mature" (perhaps based on how old your account is or a certain number of days of activity), your vote normalizes. You can go uber fancy and add a users instructable ratings, page views, etc. etc. to that score. Before someone else says it.... Pro accounts should not have additional weight. The thinking is along the lines of SAT scoring. Every wrong answer takes away from your score to compensate for answers you guessed correctly. I never liked the fact that people were attempting to cheat - I guess that's because I'm an optimist (or at least pretend to be :p) I'll cross post in feedback if you want to put it out there for more discussion :)
>Pro accounts should not have additional weight.< Totally agree. Just because I'm pro doesn't mean nuthin'. I don't think it should come with more influence if you pay.
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