Instructable not listed.

I can't see my Instructable in search result.
I posted it three days ago.
Thank you.

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Maybe I've the same problem...
I've published it only yesterday, but usually they're faster to appear..
You have probably triggered the filters. Staff wiil release it as soon as they get to it, but don't forget that they are working to Californian time, nine hours behind Milan.

Regarding your actual instructable, have you thought of including the original Italian, as well as the English translation? It is perfectly acceptable to do so, and you will also get more views from your countrymen.
Thanks, of course, I know about the different time zone, I didn't know about the automatic filters, I'll keep out the "nipple" word from my next (still unpublished) instructable ;-)
About translation, I wish to directing to an international audience, I think adding only italian translation will be a little discriminating... but I'll think about that, thanks for the advice.
We have quite a number of members who either post in their native language, or include two languages in each step, like this (thank you, google translate!).

Abbiamo un certo numero di membri che o inviare nella loro lingua madre, o includere due lingue in ogni passo, come questo (grazie, google translate!).
Google translator is really learning to be more intelligent, it might be a good idea to put a link to the page automatically translated by google. Then we can enter a translation in (almost) all languages ​​of the world!
That's a good idea - why not email HQ and suggest it directly?
The Instructable is now online. I've added the automatic translations, it seems works good (at least in languages I speak...)
Oh, I like the link thing, well done.
Helseth4 years ago
My instructable isn't listed neither:
Kiteman Helseth4 years ago
See the other comments : you've probably tripped a filter.
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