Instructable not showing!

Four days ago I created a Instructable but its not showing up when I search for it. But if I go to "Published" I can view it and it says that it is published. What is wrong?

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Tombini9 years ago
Mine hasn't been posted for 10 days! Jeez I though they would be more organised :(
Arnseb (author) 9 years ago
Its been almost one month and it still is not up...I have pm'ed Fungusamungus and I did not get anything back!
hellpilot9 years ago
I have the same problem. so handing out links to my slideshow
n8man9 years ago
The same happened to me. I think the admins are overloaded with instructables and they are slowly approving all of them
Arnseb (author)  n8man9 years ago
Ok...Maybe it will show up soon then...Hopefully : /
n8man Arnseb9 years ago
Mine still doesn't show up though. Tere might be a delay between publishig and posting
n8man n8man9 years ago
I looked at your file and look below each instructable. One says created on and one says posted on.
Kiteman n8man9 years ago
If it says "created on", it has been caught up in the filters somewhere. (Looks at Arnseb's page) 8th June?!? You'd best PM Fungusamungus and ask him to check it out. They do sometimes forget to clear the filters, especially if things got caught at the weekend. (I'm guessing the word "ammo" tripped the filters. Looking at step 3, it would be good if you could get video of it being used.)
n8man Kiteman9 years ago
How long is the average wait between publishing and posting because when I look mine up I can't find it.
Kiteman n8man9 years ago
It usually varies between a few minutes and an hour or two. Any longer, and it may have tripped the filters. If it takes more than a couple of working days to turn up, you need to PM somebody about it (probably fungusamungus?) and let them know.
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