Instructable not showing up.

I recently posted 2 instructables but when i search for them in the search bar it doesn't work, the link for them is and 
please help me!!

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Biggsy7 years ago
Seems my sock puppet I'ble isn't showing up in the filters... If it doesnt pop up in a day or so, who whould i email?
thewormman (author)  Biggsy7 years ago
You go to a member's page (like Randofo), and send them a private message, saying something like "My instructable may have gotten caught in the filters, could you please see why and pull it out for me?"

Ask nicely!
Ah, thought as much... ta matey :)
Doctor What7 years ago
 Sometimes an instructable will get stuck in the filters, and has to be looked at by a staff member before it is published.  Give it a day or two, and then be concerned.

It's happened to me before, and about a thousand others.  

thewormman (author)  Doctor What7 years ago
Well you said be concerned if it didn't show up in 2 days, well it's been more than that now and it still hasn't. Or is it just me...
 Try PMing one of the staff members.
Definitely - looking at the tags of the slideshows in question, they are almost certainly well and truly wedged in the filters.

 You mean that "gun" "assault" "sniper" and "rifle" are words that get caught up in the filters?  There seems to be nothing violent, destructive, or potentially lethal about them!

lemonie Kiteman7 years ago
Is that a custom or are Lego manufacturing RPGs?

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