Instructable on how to make a game?

I think we should do an instructable on how to MAKE a game. No sense letting Nintendo and the others have all the fun. I even have a game creation tool, Hephaestus, that i could provide a link to if you want.

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HeyJD7 years ago
I think the best way to make a game is to learn flash professional... The easiest way is to use game maker though.
nbagf7 years ago
you could either use Python or Gamemaker
royalestel10 years ago
Just start with something simple. How about a bomberman game with custom powerups? But it's been done. Something simple that's new . . . thinking . . . Bomberman with warps like in Narbacular Drop, or Portal. Phone tag game Be a mechanic game Be a secretary game where the real point is to distract everyone while you stage a hostile takeover of the company. Chauffeur game Think simpler, like an action puzzler . . . I got it. Spellcasting game. Where you have 8 or 16 "power words". But you have to learn certain spells before others you can successfully cast others. A bit of randomness involved . . . maybe some timing to casting the spells . . . a succesful cast of a spell makes harder spells more likely to be able to cast . . . The fun part would be to see all the destruction a "fire tornado" would cause. Etc. Then after that parts working, you could make a meta game, where you form different spells to get a simple character past puzzle obstacles. A spell toolkit, if you will. Oo! The goal is to learn all spells, and escape the wizard apprentice labyrinth. Yep. That's a good idea, I think. Bits of that have been floating in my head for years. I'd love to work on a game like that, how about that abun?
abun1991 (author)  royalestel10 years ago
I have an idea for a game: You are stuck in a mall on your birthday with your friends and one person who secretly hates you. It looks and plays like doom, and is set in the future. PS: has anyone tried FPS Creator? Is it good?
Yeah I got that today, it's good although slightly limited in areas. I'm searching for tutorials currently.
Dorkfish9210 years ago
Gamemaker is really good! I was able to make an FPS kind of like the tutorial on their website. It had more stuff though like weapons, visible bullets, grenades, ect. I can send some files of games that i've made for school if anyone needs them.
jtobako10 years ago
Well, get started. Or are you looking for collaborators?
abun1991 (author)  jtobako10 years ago
I am looking for collaborators on this. Do you have any ideas?
It's a lot easier to get people excited about a project when there's already an idea or some finished piece to get excited about. In my experience, just saying, "hey! Let's do stuff. What shall we do?" doesn't go anywhere
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