Instructable only has 2 views


I published my Instructable on the weekend and it only has two views and its not showing up in the explorer.

I understand about the human filters but It wouldn't normally get two views under those filters.

Could someone tell me the possible problem?


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germap1 year ago

I guess the question is why the instructable has so few votes. Jack is not wondering about why the instructable has some views... Right now it has 3 views, which is very weird.

Same goes for resurrecting a topic that is over a year old...

If the problem still remains it doesn't matter how old the topic is...

Kiteman3 years ago

If you did a lot of editing, or used more than one device to access the unpublished project, the system sometimes glitches and counts a view or three for you.

JM19993 years ago

Nearly every 'ible gets its first views from the human content checkers, I have had up to 15 views before you could even search it on google.

Each moderator needs to sign in before checking so their checking process always counts as a view.