Instructable says published but not showing up on the website

I published this Instructable on saturday and it has not appeared on the site yet :

Thanks for your help!

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dreamberry5 years ago
I had this happen recently - if I post an 'ible and immediately go edit it, it gets hung up. Publish and don't mess with it, shows right up.
Projects that do not meet certain minimum publishing criteria, or projects with potentially bad words are automatically delayed for human verification. Editing your project after publishing has no effect on this process if you already caught in our filters.
Kiteman5 years ago
For some reason, it's been hung up in the site's automatic filters.

Don't worry, as soon as a human being gets to the filters, your project will be released for public view.

While you're waiting, feel free to share the address of the project with whoever you like, wherever you like.
JF4RR4R (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
Thank you for your quick response!
Kiteman JF4RR4R5 years ago
I just happened to be online.