Instructable won't appear in search engine?

I posted my instructable last night, and it shows up under the posts for my user name, but it isn't in the Launch It! group display (or any group for that matter) and doesn't show up under keyword searches. Is there some kind of system lag I am not aware of?

Colossal Cannon: Building a behemoth piston-valved pneumatic

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Kiteman10 years ago
Sometimes Instructables trigger the automatic nanny-bot, and get put on hold until a human gets a chance to check it's OK to post. This has happened to me a couple of times, and they've been sorted quite quickly (weapon-related words trip the 'bot, as do excessively-short 'ibles, and the phrase "self-mutilation")
DeusXMachina (author)  Kiteman10 years ago
Fascinating. I speculated that there might be some kind of review system but I didn't think about certain instructables getting triggered based on content.
Apparently there's a looong list of potential triggers, which are then filtered by humans.
Ah, so that's why there aren't any 'ibles on explosives...
Solr can take a bit of time to process published projects too....
benthekahn9 years ago
My instructable was published five days ago but its still doesn't appear in searches. I can see how it would easily be triggered by the bot, but its been four days so one would think someone would have looked at it and let it appear or sent me a message if they thought it was not suitable.
DeusXMachina (author) 10 years ago
It has been fixinated XD.
DeusXMachina (author) 10 years ago
It's not there when I hit "View All," and it doesn't show up when I copy and paste the exact keywords from the page into the search engine (although the Aircannon v3 by trebuchet03 shows up). If I do a search for "deusxmachina" I get my other three instructables, but not the cannon. It is, however, in my profile. Maybe it's just being lazy cause it's Sunday :-P.
Submit a bug if it doesn't show up in the next few hours.
Brennn1010 years ago
Sometimes Instructables take a few hours to be put into the searches, recent, or in groups.
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