Instructables' Annual Pre-Maker Faire Ice Cream Social!

It's that time of year again! In the spirit of Maker Faire and all things DIY, Instructables is hosting our annual Pre-Maker Faire Ice Cream Social - and you're invited!

We want to thank our awesome community of authors for sharing all the cool stuff they're making, and for helping us grow our site to 75k projects! We will be hosting this free ice cream social at our downtown San Francisco headquarters for all our authors and maker friends. Come meet the team behind Instructables and get an inside peek at our lab.

In addition to some frozen Liquid Nitrogen ice cream treats and adult-beverage popsicles, we will be holding a "Show & Tell." Bring along a small project of yours to show off!

And, just in case you're not already going, we'll be raffling off a select number of tickets to the Bay Area Maker Faire.

So please come join us! RSVP in the comments below

When: Thursday, May 17 4-9 pm
Where: 82 2nd Street, San Francisco

Looking forward to meeting you,
Karen and the rest of the Instructables Team

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Kiteman5 years ago

Do ya think they'll give out a random prize for the 75,000th Ible?

Nice idea huh? (wink, wink) ;)
Oh, yes!

Hey, Karen, you reading this? Find out who posted #75,000, and send them something nice.
kazmataz (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
Great idea, Kiteman! On it :)
Hey, it was Canucksgirl's idea (see above), all I did was agree with her.

kazmataz (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
*great idea canucksgirl!

Do we know who #75k was, then?
So... who was it?

Or has it yet to happen?
Thank you. ;)
themoose645 years ago
I live in Wisconsin so I will never be able to attend these events because they are so faraway. Please, Instrucables hold an event or something in southern wisconsin or northern illinios! ( if you did I can almost garrenrtee sistergldnhair and I would be there!
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