Instructables' Annual Pre-Maker Faire Ice Cream Social!

It's that time of year again! In the spirit of Maker Faire and all things DIY, Instructables is hosting our annual Pre-Maker Faire Ice Cream Social - and you're invited!

We want to thank our awesome community of authors for sharing all the cool stuff they're making, and for helping us grow our site to 75k projects! We will be hosting this free ice cream social at our downtown San Francisco headquarters for all our authors and maker friends. Come meet the team behind Instructables and get an inside peek at our lab.

In addition to some frozen Liquid Nitrogen ice cream treats and adult-beverage popsicles, we will be holding a "Show & Tell." Bring along a small project of yours to show off!

And, just in case you're not already going, we'll be raffling off a select number of tickets to the Bay Area Maker Faire.

So please come join us! RSVP in the comments below

When: Thursday, May 17 4-9 pm
Where: 82 2nd Street, San Francisco

Looking forward to meeting you,
Karen and the rest of the Instructables Team

Picture of Instructables' Annual Pre-Maker Faire Ice Cream Social!
Kiteman2 years ago

Do ya think they'll give out a random prize for the 75,000th Ible?

Nice idea huh? (wink, wink) ;)
Oh, yes!

Hey, Karen, you reading this? Find out who posted #75,000, and send them something nice.
kazmataz (author)  Kiteman2 years ago
Great idea, Kiteman! On it :)
Hey, it was Canucksgirl's idea (see above), all I did was agree with her.

kazmataz (author)  Kiteman2 years ago
*great idea canucksgirl!

Do we know who #75k was, then?
So... who was it?

Or has it yet to happen?
Thank you. ;)
themoose642 years ago
I live in Wisconsin so I will never be able to attend these events because they are so faraway. Please, Instrucables hold an event or something in southern wisconsin or northern illinios! ( if you did I can almost garrenrtee sistergldnhair and I would be there!
Wisconsin represent.
See, this dude agrees. I bet he would come to an event in Wisconsin
Kiteman2 years ago
Event photos?
missed the ice cream social damn u ocean
Bergamot2 years ago
Awww, I just realized that's today... Aw well
Bergamot2 years ago
But why on a Thursday?..... Little more student friendly?
Bergamot2 years ago
Yes! I really want to come! Probably will.
Thrasym2 years ago
*cough* Do it in Ottawa/Toronto/Montreal. * sneeze* So I can go! *cough*
no Vancouver, come on...
Mikeasaurus will be running an Instructables booth at the Vancouver mini maker faire in a bit. Ping him for details!
Snap, was just in Vancouver this weekend! Hopefully can get away. - pinging away!
I had decided against going to Maker Faire this year since I have Bay to Breakers on Sunday but maybe I'll go to this and let the raffle decide? :)
We approve of your plan. :)
lxnova2 years ago
Totally going to be there!!!
canida lxnova2 years ago
RilesT2 years ago
I'd down like a clown, Charlie Brown. Is it cool if i show up around 6? I'm stuck in work until then.
canida RilesT2 years ago
Of course! We'll save you some.
thor2 years ago
Sounds fun. Count me in too.
thor thor2 years ago
What are the guide lines for show and tell, particularly what size? I have some projects that are hand sized and another the size of a piece of check on luggage.
canida thor2 years ago
If you can get it inside and up a flight of stairs under your own steam, life is good.
I'll check and see if I have $500 for a round trip flight to San Fran in my piggy bank.
"Shake, Shake"
Only $0.75.
I need to get a better allowance.
Maybe one year when the kids are older and we've paid down some of Abigail's medical bills, we can lug everyone to the bay area and crash the Instructables HQ.

San Francisco smells like fish, though. The whole damn city.
I would bring along my five siblings. We could double team.
I'm in San Francisco right now and i smell no fish...
Just Fisherman's Wharf. XP
Not the whole city. Parts of Market street smell like a toilet....
I wish, I wish, I wish - clicking steel toes together madly... dang should'a worn the ruby reds...
karlin0ds2 years ago
How about offshore peeps?
Can't you come to Utah?!?
There seem to be a lot of instructables members in Utah. Maybe we should have our own ice cream social...

my vote is to have it at Memorial Park in Provo. I can bring stuff. A few blocks of dry ice would be fun... we could mix our own ice cream in cups with chips of it, or freeze whipped cream rosettes on top of the dry ice.

Maybe if we get enough attending, some of the instructables staff will decide to drop by, too. It's only what... a 12 hour drive? There's even a local hacker space: (I need to remind Josh to get a membership there)
target0222 years ago
I will totally be there!!
nerd74732 years ago
aww I want to go but I live in Oklahoma this makes me sad
Boppylop2 years ago
oh, shoot. I would TOTTALLY love to come, but im only 13 and I live in Quito, Ecuador. Don't think I can exactly waltz over there to meet you guys. : / Im just really bummed out because I wanted to meet KapitanScarlet in person, but he livez in the UK so Im not nsure hes coming, eaither. Oh, well.
feel da same m in dif country :-(
can some1 get into contact wit da team and c bout a uk based team cos i cnt come 2 da USA :(
ilpug2 years ago
Well, I can't make it to the social, but I will be at maker faire?
Creativeman2 years ago
I'd like to there parking at 82 2nd. st.?
Street parking will probably fill up. If you can, take public transit on Market street to Second, and walk two blocks south.
Lots of metered parking and lots nearby! No good free parking near that I can think of, though.
North Atlantic sometime?
siegeking2 years ago
i'm in australia :-(
jmartinez522 years ago
i will be there for sure
monsterlego2 years ago
Cool i just bought plane tickets just for this...

Just kidding! i live on the other side of the country, cant make it. :P
eclipsed2 years ago
I want to go, but I have to leave early because I have a ceramics class that night. Is the raffle at the very end of the night like last year? Do you have to stay til the end to win something?
poofrabbit2 years ago
I so wish I was in the area, but I can't wait to see all the pics!
Adult beverage popsicles?!?! Count me in!